Special Deals for Your Graduating Class

Our special bulk deals are perfect for your graduating classes, whether you're becoming a Veterinarian, Veterinary Technician, or Veterinary Nurse! Vitals Jewellery will symbolise your achievements and friendships, while reminding you to care for yourself, your colleagues, and your patients as you start your next chapter. Enquire below!

Orders for Graduation Jewellery Close August Each Year

This allows enough time so that the Jewellery can be made ready for your graduation ceremony!

Jewellery Custom Stamped with your Graduating Year

For example, Bachelor or Veterinary Science 2023 stamped as "BVSc23".

  • "I'm so glad I bought the Unity Ring, it is so beautiful and it will be a such an important reminder to check up on myself as I start work next year"

  • "I find it really cool that we'll all be graduating with matching jewellery. I really like that our class has BVSc23 stamped on it"

  • "The stethoscope charm my parents gave me as a graduation gift is one-of-a-kind, and I'm excited to wear it when I start working in the clinic."

  • "The graduation certificate is one thing, but having a stunning piece of jewellery I can wear around as a constant reminder of my achievement is priceless."

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