Mental Health Support

We've put together a collection of top organizations that focus on promoting good mental health in Australia. There is a resource below for everyone, from staff to employers to pet owners. They include:

  • Learn More About Veterinary Mental Health
  • Crisis Line
  • Free Phone or Online Counselling
  • Support and Assessment Online
  • Wellness Initiatives

If this is all too overwhelming for you then start by speaking to a colleague that you trust :) 

Learn More About Veterinary Mental Health

Learn more about Veterinary Mental Health

AVA Superfriend Reports

If you are interested in WHY veterinarians are at increased risk of poor mental health read this.

2021 AVA Superfriend Mental Health Report

AVA Mental Health Approach- Literature Review and Desktop Analysis

Crisis Line

Crisis Line


Call: 13 11 14 

Lifeline is here to help, providing 24/7 crisis support and suicide prevention services to all Australians facing personal crises.

Lifeline Website

FREE over the phone or online COUNSELLING

Free Counselling for AVA members

AVA Telephone Counselling

Call: 1300 687 327 

AVA Telephone Counselling: Your initial contact point for discussing physical and mental concerns. Confidential, non-judgemental support for AVA members, vet professionals (whether members or not), and their families.

AVA Emergency Help Website

Free Counselling for People under 25


Call: 1800 650 890

Offers free online and phone services for comprehensive support tailored to young people aged 12 to 25, encompassing mental health, physical health, work and study support, and alcohol and other drug services

Headspace Website

Free Counselling for Men

Men's Line

Call: 1300 789 978

MensLine Australia is your mate when you need support, offering blokes confidential counselling and assistance with mental health, relationships, and family matters.

MensLine Website

For Vets and Pet Owners


Call: 1300 845 745 

GriefLine is your compassionate companion through tough times, offering a listening ear for vets and pet owners experiencing grief and loss.


Support and Assessment Online

Support for improving your mental health

Beyond Blue

Call: 1300 224 636 

Beyond Blue, an Australian mental health organization, strives to provide information and support for individuals across the country to achieve their best possible mental health, regardless of age or location, focusing on anxiety, depression, and related conditions.

Beyond Blue Website

Burnout Information and Self-Tests

Black Dog Institute

The Black Dog Institute in Australia focuses on advancing mental health understanding, diagnosis, and treatment, particularly burnout, providing concise information and self-tests for symptoms, treatment, and prevention.

Black Dog Institute Website

Free Assessment and Treatment Services Online or Phone


Call: 1800 614 434

MindSpot is an Australian mental health online and phone service that provides free online assessment and treatment courses for adults experiencing anxiety and depression.

MindSpot Website

Wellness Initiatives

Prevent, Protect, Promote.


Thrive, part of the Australian Wellness Initiative Protecting Our Mental Health by the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA), supports veterinary professionals through resources, workshops, and community, aiming for satisfying and resilient careers. Thrive also offers events and mentoring for new graduates, ensuring a positive start and ongoing support in the veterinary field.


For Pet Owners

Sophies Legacy

Sophie's Legacy is advocating for a safer veterinary industry through the "We're Only Human" campaign, urging pet owners to pledge kindness and respect.

Sophies Legacy Website

Challenging the mindset of Vets and Vet Students

The Conscious Vet

A new graduate vet learning how to breath and sit still again.

Live Events: Meditation, Breathwork, Ice Baths and Motivational Speakers.

Host of "Veterinary Humans Podcast" on Spotify.

The Conscious Vet Instagram

Peer Support, Leadership, Grants, Mentorship, Awareness, Research

Not One More Vet

Not One More Vet (NOMV) is dedicated to preventing suicide and supporting mental health in the veterinary profession through advocacy and resources, fostering a community that addresses unique challenges and reduces stigma.

NOMV Website