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A Personal Message from our Owner: Veterinary Human, Dr Benjamin Martin

"I don't mind if you don't buy anything. I only care about one thing, that the declining mental health of our vets, vet technicians and vet nurses improve. If you don't read any of this, I just want you to know that you matter so much, that you are loved and that you are doing amazing life-changing work. If you would like to know how this all started, then please continue reading...

I'm Ben, a fresh new graduate vet from The University of Queensland. I have a passion for animals and for the people that care for animals. I care about you deeply. After taking action on my own mental health challenges I started "The Conscious Vet" at the start of 2022, an Instagram page that challenges the limiting beliefs of vets and vet students. I have run three life-changing events that have provided attendees with deep connection and have
guided them to show up for themselves, to feel, to act, to learn, to love, and to create their new future. I use meditation, breathwork, ice baths and inspiration from success stories as the foundations for my mental health. I have a Podcast called “Veterinary Humans” where I learn from my peers about their life journey, their triumphs and their challenges. I believe my purpose is to positively impact human and animal lives. It’s hard to capture this message and all my work within one thing, that was until just over a year ago. I remember the moment vividly…

At the end of 2022, I was driving home from university. I always think deeply when I’m driving. I was thinking about how there should be something that represents all of us involved with animals, that unites us and our values as veterinary humans. Something that protects us, something that empowers us. With my left hand on the steering wheel I gazed across at my two rings, my family ring (a signet I got for my 21st birthday) and a plain silver band on my thumb
that I found on a dive boat. These rings reminded me daily of my values. FAMILY and ADVENTURE. That’s when it came to me, what if there was a ring that represented
the veterinary industry and that could remind us to check up on ourselves, our colleagues and our patients?! On that day Vitals Jewellery was born and for the next 14 months I would become devoted to establishing this company.”

Thankyou to the people that made this possible...

Amy Martin, César Puechmarin, Samantha Riemer, Lauren Allen, my parents and my dearest friends.

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