Ring Sizing

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Our rings are made especially for you, so it is important to take a moment to check your ring size. Below are three different options for accurately sizing your finger. Pick ONE that suits you best.

Simple and Accurate

Option 1: Measure your Ring

Choose the right size in four simple steps:

  1. Download a ring sizer app such as "Ring Sizer by Jason Withers" or find a ruler.
  2. Measure the internal diameter of a ring you have from your preferred finger.
  3. Match the internal diameter with the sizing chart below to find your AU/GB size.
  4. Select your desired AU/GB size on the ring that you desire.
"Ring Sizer by Jason Withers" App for IPHONE

Simple and Accurate

Option 2: Measure your Finger Circumference

  1. Cut a piece of string or paper to a length of approximately 10 cm.
  2. Gently wrap the paper or string around the desired placement area for the ring on your finger. Ensure a comfortable fit – not too tight and not too loose.
  3. Make use of a pen to mark the precise point where the end of the string or paper overlaps.
  4. Place the string or paper against a ruler or tape measure, measuring the length (mm) from its end to the marked point using the pen.
  5. Match you finger circumference with the sizing chart below to find your AU/GB size.
  6. Select your desired AU/GB size on the ring that you desire.

For most accurate Measurement

Option 3: Visit your local Jeweller

Most jewellery stores in Australia have a standardised ring sizer that can be used to accurately determine your finger size. Ask your local jeweller for the AU/GB size for your preferred finger.

  • Slighty Firm Fit

    For top-heavy rings (including Unity, Equanimity, Pause and Notion) and for pinky fingers (to avoid it sliding off with any big hand gestures or movements) most people prefer a slightly firmer fit.

  • Double Check

    Always double-check your measurements for accuracy.

  • Measure the Exact Finger

    Ensure you measure the exact finger on which you intend to wear your ring (or a ring that you wear on the same finger). Your ring size will vary between your fingers as well as between your hands.

Ring Sizing Chart

The following table is the ring sizing chart used by our jeweller's.

AU/GB Sizing Internal Ring Diameter (mm) Finger Circumference (mm)
D 13 40.8
E 13.5 42.4
F 13.9 43.7
G 14.3 44.9
H 14.7 46.2
I 15 47.1
J 15.4 48.4
K 15.8 49.6
L 16.2 50.9
M 16.6 52.2
N 17 53.4
O 17.4 54.7
P 17.8 55.9
Q 18.2 57.2
R 18.6 58.4
S 19 59.7
T 19.4 60.9
U 19.8 62.2
V 20.2 63.5
W 20.6 64.7
X 21 66.0
Y 21.4 67.2
Z 21.8 68.5
Z1 22.2 69.7
Z2 22.6 71.0


If you order a ring that is sized incorrectly a resizing fee will apply. The resizing fee will depend on the new size required and we will provide a quote before resizing your special piece. Most of our rings can be resized up or down by 1-2 sizes comfortably however this may depend on the details and original size of your piece. 

If you have any questions regarding sizing or would like to enquire about resizing your ring please don't hesitate to contact us at admin@vitalsjewellery.com.