Sponsorship and Donations

Empower the veterinary industry with every Vitals Jewellery purchase. We're fervently backing positive change, channelling our passion into direct support. Your contribution speaks volumes—$20 from each sale goes directly to a Veterinary Charity, amplifying their voice. Every quarter, our sponsorship shifts, ensuring impactful support for vital industry initiatives.

$20 Donated with Every Purchase

We are currently Sponsoring "SOPHIE'S LEGACY"

Dr. Sophie Putland, a beloved 33-year-old vet, tragically took her own life in September 2021 due to industry pressures and client abuse. Vets face a suicide rate four times higher than the general population. In response, Sophie's Legacy aims to honor her memory by advocating for a safer veterinary industry through the "We're Only Human" campaign, urging pet owners to pledge kindness and respect.

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We Change Sponsorship every 3 Months

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